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Helping ambitious female service ​providers to get booked and busy ​through social media

Hey! I’m Mia

I help service providers to level up their social media ​presence, using content strategies designed to attract ​and convert an audience of ideal clients, so they can ​focus on their work and get some time back for ​themselves, knowing their socials are looked after and ​bringing enquiries in.

After building my own community of 70,000 online in ​the hair niche, I know what it takes to build an ​audience on social media - and I am so passionate ​about using this expertise to benefit your business.

I am your typical girls girl, always there for a chat and ​to support you. I pride myself on client satisfaction, ​and get my best results when we work together as a ​team to reach the goals we set.

Tiktok Results

Over the span of 12 months, I grew my TikTok following from 68 followers to over 70,000! Using a ​content strategy and posting consistently, my analytics were in the millions each month due to ​attracting my target audience. This account focused on sharing haircare tips, outfit inspo and ​hairstyle inspo, and I worked with a range of brands including L’Oreal, Tangle Teezer and Nizoral.

Instagram Results

4 Month Results


By implementing a content strategy and staying consistent, my audience grew by almost 700 ​followers in 4 months. In this time, I have attracted over 30 brands into my DMs wanting to work ​with me on UGC content, proving I reached my target audience through posting.

Client Testimonials

Mia has been so polite and friendly which I found ​so nice because I felt like I could really be honest ​and open with my ideas and wasn’t worried that ​it would be too much for her to deal with. She ​made feel comfortable if I needed something ​changing or if I needed to ask her to explain ​something further. I really am so impressed with ​the work that she has done and couldn’t be more ​grateful for everything she’s helped me with.

Everything has been done so well. I’m so impressed ​with the graphics that Mia has made me and feel ​like she has really opened my eyes into a lot of stuff ​I had no idea were even a thing when it come to ​advertising businesses on social media!

Annie, AR Nails

Example Feed

Client Testimonials

I am so grateful for my audit from Mia, it’s ​something I can keep going back to and has ​given me lots of inspirational ideas for my posts ​going forward. I was asked by Mia what my goals ​were and what I wanted out of this audit & she ​has gone above and beyond. Thank you so much!

Faye, Glam Blows

Mia always goes the extra mile to make sure her ​content is of the highest quality. She takes the ​time to understand the brand and target audience ​and creates content that resonates with them. We ​highly recommend hiring Mia for your next project, ​it was a pleasure working with her.

Content Creation Clients

Michelle, Aestherapy

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